Underground Network - Distribution Systems Accessories
A superior, time proven method for connecting low voltage underground distribution cables in manholes and vaults is the use of a pre-fabricated, pre-insulated cable joint system. Proper use of these systems provides a reliable, orderly arrangement of equipment and cables in a manhole. Versatility for future connections can easily be provided by selecting those items designed for expansion capability.

Years ago, acceptable standards and designs were established for underground connection systems. The obvious advantages of this standardization are interchangeability of the parts made by various manufacturers, stocking of components, availability of product and ease of training personnel. MAC under-ground connection systems meet these standards and interchangeability requirements.
COPPER - Compression Terminals and Connectors
We have more than thirty-five years of experience in the research, design, and manufacturing of Copper Compression Connectors and Accessories are responsible our products. The product line has been broadened in scope and continues to reflect the superior quality of raw materials and manufacturing expertise which, for so many years, has been synonomous with MAC Products, Inc.
ALUMINUM - Compression Terminals and Connectors
With the growing use of aluminum in electrical conductors, the need for aluminum connectors, terminals and limiters has necessitated a totally new technology of connection principles and galvanic chemistry.
MAC Products is in the forefront of this new technology with the design and marketing of a wide selection of aluminum and copper-to-aluminum lugs, connectors,, branch and tee joints, and pre-insulated connectors.