In cities throughout the world, mass transit is a key to improving urban vitality and promoting redevelopment. Consequantly, there is great demand for efficient new technology in transportation equipment and power/signaling distribution systems.
MAC Products is your source for mass transit power distribution accessories, components and systems. We offer a full line of products and services designed to meet the varied needs of transit systems operators, OEMs, repair shops and associated operations.
We build electromechanical devices for rapid transit and locomotive propulsion systems.
We manufacture a wide array of electrical components for use in the transmission of power to third-rail and catenary systems, and we produce high-quality products for heavy rail, light rail and people-moving systems.
Third Rail Power Switches and Distribution Products
The industries' most complete selection of high quality, high performance, third rail power and disconnect swtiches. Standard and custom designed to meet the toughest application.
Third Rail Connection Accessories
Prefabricated cable assemblies, third rail insulation and terminals, Pin Terminals for Third Rail connections, mechanical connectors and lugs, laminated copper bonds , connection enclosures and third rail mechanical connectors.
Stinger Energy Delivery Systems
MAC Stinger Energy Delivery Systems employ leading-edge technology to assure system safety, ease of operation, and realibility.
OEM Electrical Components and Renewal Parts
Terminals and connectors, electro-mechanical specialty devices and contact tips.
Overhead Catenary Systems
ARCAS: The modular cantilever systems for rail and train installations.
Through a partnership and manufacturing agreement with Kummler+Matter of Zurich, Switzerland; MAC offers the Adaptable Railway Cantilever System (ARCAS) for light rail, tram, electric trolley bus, streetcar and commuter railway systems to customers int the U.S. and Canada.