... a precision tool system for providing access to high pressure cable line pipe for controlled sampling of dielectric fluid.
The MAC Pipe Hole Boring System (PHBS) is designed to provide access to dielectric fluid in high-pressure oil-filled (HPOF) cable line pipes without the need to drain oil from the cable pipe or install freeze pits. Controlled access to dielectric fluid in a HPOF cable line pipe is sometimes necessary to facilitate sampling for performing gas-in-oil analysis or installation of instrumentation to locate fluid leaks.
System Components
The MAC Pipe Hole Boring System (PHBS) consists of a uniquely designed precision boring machine driven by a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic system is pressurized by a remotely operated hydraulic pump-motor combination, which is supplied as part of the system. Also included in the system kit is a boring tool adaptor nipple, retaining stud, welding jigs, and tool for the insertion and removal of the brass core plug. All system components are housed in a sturdy alluminum box designed so only the tool, hoses, drive motor and controls need to be removed for a boring operation. The hydraulic motor and pump can be operated from the aluminum case.