ARCAS - The modular cantilever system for rail and tram installations
Through a partnership and manufacturing agreement with Kummler + Matter of Zurich, Switzerland, MAC offers the Adaptable Railway Cantilever System (ARCAS) for light rail, tram, electric trolley bus, streetcar and commuter railway systems to customers in the U.S.

ARCAS is a modular system consisting of multi-functional components. This modularity, together with the system's compatibility with existing products, makes it easy to implement conversions to overhead electrification systems using ARCAS.

The ARCAS system is based on tubular sections and just a few standardized connection components. A wide range of tube types-including aluminum, stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and synthetic material - are available in various diameters. With few exceptions. the same connection components can be used, regardless of tube material and diameter.

ARCAS also is distinguished by its ability to provide assistance for efficient planning, which means a reliable and economic overhead contact line system.

Whether you require a light-weight contact line for an urban rapid transit system... an installation with large copper cross sections for heavy direct current operation up to 3KV, or an alternating current rapid transit system up to 25KV, the ARCAS system offers you the right solution.