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For emergency use in the event of a malfunctioning pumping and circulating plant or during replacement of outdated equipment.

The Series MAC PPP-21 Portable Pumping Plant is a highly reliable and efficient, built by our craftsmen, with the highest quality components available.
MAC also designs and builds portable pressurizing equipment to meet the most demanding requirements, including trailer mounted and for temporary use of dielectric fluid supply units.

Series PPP-21 Portable Pressurizing Plant
MAC Series PPP-21 portable pressurizing plants are designed for emergency use during the replacement of an existing or a malfunctioning pumping plant.
They provide temporary pressurization and pressure control of dielectric fulid in high voltage underground pipe-type cable systems.
Integral to the Series PPP-21, are full hydraulic and electrical controls that are necessary to operate the system under normal operating conditions and/or in a reduced pressure mode during maintenance of the cable system.
The standard Series-21 is housed in a weather-tight, heated cabinet with front and side doors. Inside, it is equipped with a single high pressure pump, relief valves, strainer assembly, gauges, pressure switches and connection points for remote monitoring alarms.