In response to mounting injuries and other safety issues related to both auxiliary and power stingers, MAC has developed an Energy Delivery System (EDS) that uses cutting-edge technology to promote safety, ease of operation and reliability.

Most transit maintenance and repair shops currently handle their auxiliary power stingers under live conditions even when they are not being applied to the train. Unsafe open and exposed current conductors, poor track operating trolley systems and flat current collecting surfaces result in dangerous conditions that often lead to serious injuries.
The MAC EDS incorporates safety and ease of operation in every aspect of its design.
Unlike most other systems, the MAC EDS is on only when the operator turns it on and determines that conditions are safe for it to be used.

Other Specifications:
A solid-steel frame, aluminum enclosure, convex spring-loaded collector shoes and permanently sealed wheels assure effortless operation.
Momentary Micro-Swtich - allows for power to the assembly only when the button is depressed. The system is never live until it is required.
As an option the system can be pre-assembled in sections.
Each conductor is individually insulated to prevent accidental contact. The rail is designed with a concave profile, which helps eliminate arcing and dead spots